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case you will not be able to withdraw funds until you verify your identity. Please upload one of the following: 1) A bank statement with the owners name and transaction to the platform where all the information is visible in the same image.
To confirm an Astropay Card, the customer should send a screenshot from their Astropay Card account. Step 5 out of 13, this is a trade dashboard where you can open and set up your trades. To comply with corresponding laws that allow us to operate as a financial company. You will need to send a photo or photocopy of your electronic wallet account, so your wallet number will be captured. The last step is for those who made their deposits with electronic wallets. Customers from all other countries except EU and USA are welcome. Students or working visa in another country. All the information should be visible in a single screenshot. Perfect Money For confirmation of your Perfect Money e-wallet, upload a screenshot with the owners name and account numbers. . The first one is FTT, a type of trading with a fixed rate of return and duration.

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Non-trading Transactions Regulation and KYC/AML Policy Also you will need to iq option download for pc windows 10 send a photo or iq option download for pc windows 10 photocopy of the money transfer from that wallet iq option download for pc windows 10 to your trading account. Percent sign shows the profitability of the successful trade. Increase Efficiency, use ready-to-go trading strategies developed by professionals. Identity documents, a client may submit one of the following documents: ID card, passport, drivers license, aadhar card. For example, one with the e-wallet number and the owners name, and the second with the e-wallet number and the transaction visible.
The sum, date, and the name should be visible in one image. The photo should be original, colour, and without any additional corrections. The first 6 and the last 4 digits, expiration date, and the owners name should be visible in a single photo. Step 6 out. The trades of this type can be of unlimited duration. If you are sure it will go up, click on the green one. 2) A screenshot from UPI where the UPI ID, the owners name, and the bank account number are visible.

KYC instructions for India. The Olymp Trade platform changes. 7 Best Stocks to Invest in Now. Olymp Trade Login and Registration.

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KYC instructions for Nigeria - Official Olymp Trade Blog A client should provide one of the following documents: ID card if it was not provided as proof of identity. Example: E-wallet, before verifying the e-wallet kyc olymptrade com used on the platform it should be verified by the e-wallet website. Click here to see a list of your accounts and start trading.
The second is photocopy of your passport. We speak your language. Pdf PDF KYC. Webmoney, on the main page, please make a screenshot where the wmid, e-wallet number, and transaction amount and date would be seen altogether. Confirmation of the Origin of Funds In some cases, the Company may request a document that will confirm the source of funds. Skrill, choose Transactions on the left-side menu and then choose the time period and transaction type. To protect our users from fraud. Globepay, for Globepay confirmation you must provide a screenshot from Globepay, with your personal information and transactions to your trading account. Tether/Ethereum For confirmation of this e-wallet, a screenshot with the date and amount of transaction should be provided. On the photo of the card itself there must be following information: Name and Surname of the owner, first 6 and last 4 digits.

99949 3 min read. IdGTM-M98VLD height 0 width 0 Non-trading Transactions Regulation and. This policy ( Policy ) has been developed as part of the implementation of the recommendations of the fatf (Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering) aimed at combating financial abuse, to identify and prevent violations of legislation, and to comply with. In order to verify your account youl need to send all documents to kyc @

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Olymp Trade: the online trading and investment platform Online Banking, to confirm this type of payment method, the client should submit a kyc olymptrade com screenshot where the transaction to/from the platform and the owners name are both visible in one image. Here you can browse the list of assets and choose trading mechanics to your liking. The rest information from the card must be closed. I mean documents of your friend or random people.
The reason for this is license which the dont have in America. That is how you will open trades and make a real profit. Later we will examine it in more detail. Back Step 13 out of 13 Making a correct forecast on a live account will result in profit while practicing on a demo account will help you build up the necessary experience. The name and the transactions must be visible in a single screenshot. Step 3 out. Proof of Payment, when uploading images for proof of payment, please note that each payment method needing confirmation should be uploaded to the corresponding section.

On the first photo you must hold your passport or ID near to your face and make selfie like that. Note that Olymp Trade wants to see your shoulders as well. Be sure that on the photo your face and passport or ID details are. 99878 3 min read.